Our History...


The history of Brouwer's Flowers goes all the way back to Holland. The Brouwer family were tulip farmers in north Holland in the small town of Breezand.

Peter Brouwer wanted a new opportunity for his family of himself, his wife and 11 children. They decided to immigrate to Florida from Holland in 1954. Soon after they settled on Terra Ceia Island in Florida. His passion for plants led him to start Brouwer's Flowers with one of his sons in the early 1960s. Their desire to help people enjoy the holidays led them to specialize in holiday crops such as Poinsettias at Christmas and Easter Lilies at Easter.

In the mid 1960s, two more brothers joined the business, Frans and Hank. They would help Brouwer's Flowers grow for the next several decades into a producer of quality flowering potted plants. Currently, Brouwer's Flowers is managed by Father and Son, Frans and James Brouwer.

The Company produces many beautiful plants for the holidays including Poinsettias, Easter Lilies, Mums, Hydrangeas, and many more. In addition, they produce many annuals and landscape plants such as Geraniums, Pentas, Vinca, Crotons, Areca Palms, indian Hawthorn and more.

Flowers, Inc.

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