Firebush makes an excellent landscape plant with it's bright orange and red flowers.


If you are looking for beautiful flowering landscape plants, then you need our Dipladenias and Mandevillas.


We grow florist Mums, also know as Daisy Mums in the Spring and Garden Mums in the Fall. These beautiful Mums are available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Asiatic Lilies

These are a welcome addition to any area of the home. If well cared for, flowers will last a long time.


We carry Geraniums in a variety of colors. These do well in both containers and in the garden, and can add beautiful color to any landscape.  


With the green and yellow colors in the Arboricola's leaves, it makes it an ideal choice to add some color to your landscape.


Crotons have such beautiful foliage and add color to any landscape. We have several varieties at Brouwer's for you to choose from.


If you are looking for Dianella, come to Brouwer's!

Please call for current availability!


We grow many colors of Sunpatiens. These flowering plants are similar to impatiens, but grow better in our Florida climate. 

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Oriental Lilies

Our Oriental Lilies are adored for their intoxicating fragrance and huge flowers. Get yours from Brouwer's this Spring! 


Grown and cared for right here, you won't be disappointed with our beautiful Poinsettias this holiday season. Ask about our Poinsettia fundraiser opportunity for your school or youth group! 

Areca Palms

We know how much people love to enjoy Areca Palm in their yards and in containers- and we've got the best in town!

Easter Lilies

We’re not one to brag, but our Easter Lilies are simply the most beautiful you'll see. Order yours from Brouwer's for your home or church.

Evergreen Plumeria

The Evergreen Plumeria is also known as the bridal bouquet! It's gorgeous and yes...we grow them at Brouwer's!



OK, they’re not just pretty, they're gorgeous! This Spring, you will love having our Hydrangeas around your home to enjoy. These are also offered in our spring fundraiser, so please call for more information.

Indian Hawthorn

Indian hawthorn is another excellent choice for your landscaping project!